Etra Oy is a Finnish specialised technology company, offering its customers a wide range of industrial products and services.

Etra Your Industrial Partner is an all-inclusive partner for producing and providing industrial products and services. Etra co-operates with its customers and suppliers, strives to build mutual trust and streamline the purchasing process by offering a wide selection of products and services from a single location.

For Etra partnership means co-operation in developing operations and processes with a view to achieve mutual benefits.

Logistical services



Our extensive range of 300 000 individual products, the network comprising 37 offices across Finland, the expertise of the Group in the field of imports, manufacturing of specialised products and an efficient centre for logistical services create added value to our business.

  • Shelving services
  • Consignment warehouses
  • Tailored logistics solutions

Production and Subcontracting services



Extensive subcontracting services ensure excellent reliability of supply, including for tailored products.

  • Machining services for technical plastics
  • Water cutting and die cutting services
  • Cutting and sawing of plastics
  • Tape cutting services
  • Etola Production