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ETRA's production

Etra Oy's production (machining service, water cutting) is centralised at Vantaa, Hämeenlinna and Tampere.

We represent the world leading producers of industrial plastics who guarantee the high quality of materials.

The machine base includes batten cutters, a transfer head puncher and water jet equipment. Water can also be used for cutting porous and soft materials. Adding abrasives to the water jet makes machining of hard materials like metals, stone and ceramics possible.

A modern machine base, skilled professionals and extensive stock of semi-finished items guarantee a high level quality of machined plastic parts. Computer-aided programs are used in the design and selection of materials.

The Machining Service supplies machined finished parts according to customers drawings. Our good supply capability is based on the large inventory of the plastic product group which makes possible the quick supply of raw material, on a modern CNC machine base and with experienced, professional personnel.

As an expression of trust we supply on annual contracts technical plastic parts to all the leading domestic manufacturers. In material selection and design we are aided by CAMSAD/Quadrants program.