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Pickling paste 140 Red One

Böhler 59076 (2.4kg)
This product includes:
  • Pickling paste 140 Red One
  • Energy surchage
Wholesale lot 2,4 kg
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Many of the processes used for pickling stainless steel lead to the development of hazardous nitric fumes. To improve safety when pickling, we have developed a unique patented low-fuming pickling paste which reduces toxic nitric fumes by 50 %.

Standard applications:
- Avesta RedOne™ Pickling Paste 140 is intended for powerful brush pickling of welds and smaller surfaces of high-alloy steel grades in tough applications.
- For non-heavy-duty applications we suggest low fuming Avesta BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130 in order to improve the environmental impact and safety when pickling.

- Restores damaged stainless steel surfaces such as weld seams, by removing weld oxides, the underlying chromium-depleted layer and other defects that may cause local corrosion.
- Unique and patented.
- Higher yield, decreased consumption, thanks to the visible red colour and its free-flowing consistency which facilitates application.
- The paste is easy to apply and highly visible.
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