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Etra Oy

Etra is a Finnish technical sales specialist. We provide a comprehensive range of industrial products and services for our customers.

Our objective is to be a trustworthy partner as an industrial product and service provider, develop cooperation with our customers and suppliers, build trust, and create an efficient purchasing process by providing an extensive range of products, supplies, and services under one roof.

For us at Etra, partnership means developing operations and processes together in order to achieve shared advantage.


Etra was created in 2007 when Teollisuus Etola, TKA Group, Pohjolan Tekniikka, and several local companies merged. ETRA Oy was chosen as a name for the new concept. Your Industrial Partner serves as our slogan. Our stores are called ETRA Megacenters, which describes the comprehensiveness of the range of products and services.

The founder of Etola, August Etholén, worked in the 1930s as the sales director of the Savio rubber factory. Once Nokia rubber factory bought the Savio factory, the whole management team was let go. This was during the Great Depression, so jobs were scarce. Etholén, being a father to six children, had saved some capital for a rainy day, so he decided to employ himself and bought three rubber shops in 1932.

One of the shops was situated in Turku and two in Helsinki. One of the Helsinki stores, Iso Roobertinkatu, is still open today. Some years later, the business grew and Johan August Etholén started producing simple rubber items, such as rubber gloves, in the heart of Helsinki on Aleksanterinkatu.

This was the start of Etola group. Since then, we have grown further and today we employ 1550 people, 70 of them are employed in the Etola Shops.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to our customers’ businesses by supplying and manufacturing high-quality technical products, production services, and service concepts that allow the clients to focus in their core business operations. We operate nationally and serve locally.

Our Core Values

Reliability - Being honest to others and ourselves is a cornerstone for our operations.

High Quality - Whatever we do, we do it well. Our products and services are of the highest quality.

Service - We are genuinely interested in our customers. We strive to serve our clients in ways that suit their needs.

Sustainable Development - We constantly develop our operations towards improved sustainability.

Our Vision

We provide a broad range of products and services that add value to our customers. Our customers get the best possible service.