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Passivator 630

Avesta FinishOne Passivator 630 passivate without nitric or citric acid. It helps to remove free iron from the surface and regenerate the protective layer in the stainless steel by speeding up the passivation process.

Standard applications:
- Avesta FinishOne Passivator 630 is intended for a wide range of industrial passivating applications. It offers a good general passivating result on stainless steel surfaces.

- Restores the passivation layer on stainless steel surfaces that have been damaged during fabrication such as grinding, brushing, blasting etc or usage.
- Improves the result after pickling by speeding up the passivation process.
- Diminishes the risk of discoloured surfaces caused by flash clouds or free iron (smut) when used wet-on-wet.
- Reduces the formation of toxic nitric fumes during rinsing after pickling.
- Prevents water staining caused by poor rinse water.
- Creates no hazardous waste and contains no nitric acid.
- Is easy to handle and classified as non-dangerous goods.

Surface restoration:
- Avesta Cleaner 401 can be used together with Avesta FinishOne Passivator 630, which helps regenerate the protective layer in the stainless steel by speeding up the thickness of the passive layer.
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