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Privacy policy

We have updated Etra Privacy policy to give you a better understanding of what kind of information we gather and what for. Furthermore, we are improving privacy setting inspection and other management tools that protect your information and privacy. This update follows the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles. More information on GDPR can be found in

Etra Oy Information Privacy Documents

User’s data privacy, third party software used in the service, data saved in the browser, and cookies

he user may freely visit the Etra Oy website with a computer or other device. Etra Oy abides by the current legislation and protects the privacy of the persons visiting their website in accordance with the legislation.

Software and technologies used in the web service
Etra Oy employs various software and technologies to provide the web service and related services for the user. Through the use of the technologies, data of the use of the web service and customer experience can be collected and analyzed. Some of the technologies enable showing targeted marketing to the user in third party services, with the user’s permission. Some of the technologies allow user experience personalization in website or other services.

The described software uses various technologies to provide such functionalities and services. These technologies may save data in the user’s device using cookies or other Web Storage technologies (local storage, session storage). This data is used to identify the used browser and combine several page viewings into one visit. Some cookies are used to create the technical functionalities of the website, for example saving the language version the user has selected, or to identify and block harmful activity. Based on the user’s selection, technologies for targeted marketing and personalized content in third party services using the collected information may be used.

Please note that the browser in your device allows various software to collect data by default. The data may be deleted from the browser after concluding the use, or the data collection may be disabled in the settings of the browser.

Influencing the used software
When you visit the website for the first time, you will be prompted to consent the use of various software on the website or decline the use of said software by changing the settings and prohibiting new information to be saved in your browser. The technologies requiring permission are not employed before consent. You may change the settings at any time or cancel your prior consent. If you are not shown the prompt to consent or decline the use, you have already consented or declined, or you have disabled the use of the Google Tag Manager tool, leading to no acceptance-requiring software being downloaded.

Software used on the website, the collected data, and data management principles

Functional cookies and service production

Magento is a webshop and content management software used to manage and display data to the user. The use of this software is necessary to provide the service. Magento does not collect personal data automatically, but personal data may be collected during user registration or orders. For detailed information, see web shop privacy policy and terms and conditions. The software may use first-party cookies to provide technical functionalities, such as admin login, showing messages to the user in the web service, or saving the shopping cart.

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager tool is used to manage third-party software, the code used on the website, and tracking pixels. Google Tag Manager does not collect data of the user and it saves only data related to the technical functionalities of the website in the browser, for example the consent you have given for the use of the software in the website settings. For detailed information, see


Service development and analyzing based on Etra Oy justified interest

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an analyzing and user experience development software that collects various data of the use of a website. The information is connected to an anonymous ClientID identification that is saved on the user’s device (first-party cookie). This ID may be used to analyze the users who visit the website frequently. Furthermore, the software collects e.g. the following data: device IP address, which websites have been loaded and how often, which device has been used to view the website, and which route the user took to visit the website.

For a registered user, a numeric User-ID is created to monitor the company-specific use of the website. The grounds for this is analyzing the function and performance of the website, management, development, analyzing the use of various contents, and measuring the impact of various marketing communication.
For detailed information, see

Content personalization and targeted marketing is subject to user consent. By consenting to targeted marketing and relaying data of the use of the web service, you accept the use of the following software on the website and their data use. This may influence your targeted marketing and personalization elsewhere on the internet. You may influence the targeted marketing and personalization in general in the address and You may give consent and cancel the consent at any time in the tracking settings.

Tracking settings

Google Analytics marketing functionalities
Google Analytics marketing functionalities allow targeted marketing based on the content you have viewed. When using the software, information of the pages you have viewed are also relayed to Double Click service servers. This information influences the content and marketing you see on the internet and allow showing marketing content to you after you have left the website. Furthermore, these functionalities enable using demographical information of the users when analyzing the use of the website. Third-party cookies and browser marketing ID is used to relay information in other web services for targeted marketing.

Detailed information:

Facebook Custom Audience & Connect
Facebook advertising software is used to target marketing for the user based on interaction in the web services. The software enables analyzing the impact of Facebook advertising. The software collects an anonymous Facebook ID, IP address, and data of the use of the website. The service uses third-party cookies.
For detailed information, see

You may change the consent you have given and restrict the use of the various technologies on the website in the tracking settings.

Tracking settings

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